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Hello Everyone!

This is my first game ever, so please tell me what you think of it, after you play of course. 

This is a simple adventure game where a young teen, about 17 years old, named Dave Adventure has an adventure.

Note: I did not make any assets and only made most of the maps and wrote the story etc...

One day I will make my own website where all my game will be posted, and such. This game is free to play and the second one will be too, but you are free to donate money if you like. All the money will be used towards the development of more games.

Version 0.4: I have fixed some bugs, and added more interaction with more stuff.

Version 0.5: Have completely changed the shop prices, and have fixed the bug with the missing animations. I have also went through all the dialogues and edited it for grammar and spelling.


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Hey Labyor,

Cool to see your finally getting serious about starting your gaming development! I love the fact that you are taking feedback, and making revisions based on the comments! (Way to get started in the world of Agile Software Development!) I can't wait to see what you do next. I'll be following your progress, of course. :)

Good Luck, in this contest...but more importantly, have fun as you learn this new skill.


Honestly, this game needs a lot of work.  The various money bags turn into various objects depending on which side you use to interact with them.  So, they can turn into anything from papers, to flowers, to teddy bears.

Plus the mapping in a lot of places is pretty sloppy as well.  With the only notable exceptions coming from maps that the developer most likely didn't create.  Since, I've seen a few of the dungeon maps in other free games in the past.

And to continue on with the bad news.  The game is also missing an animation file.  An issue I only discovered when I tried to have Jack cast the spell "stone".

And sadly the hits keep on coming.  Like the fact that the prices for items in the various shops is pretty messed up.  It's seriously cheaper to buy a bunch of stat boosting items in this game then invest your money into better weapons or armor.

About the only plus I can give this game is that it does feature multiple endings, but none of them are particularly appealing.  You have your standard good ending for defeating the final boss, the option to switch sides for no apparent reason and become the dark overlord.  Or at the very least you can become the dark overlord's lover in her ever expanding harem of sexy hunks.  Or you can get a slightly modified version of the game over for losing to the final boss.

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I am sorry you disliked the game, but..

1. This is my first game

2. The game says in development, so all the problems you have I will be working on, hopefully before the judging.

3. One person made this game.

I thank you for your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to play my first game. I have watched both of your videos and am currently fixing all the problems you have encountered. I appreciate all you have told me and suggested. The truth is, I did not intend to win, but only wanted to try my hand at video game production. I made this game in 3 days, and I plan to to invest more time and energy into my next  games. 


You really don't need to apologize.  After all, I wasn't required to play this game, and I wasn't expecting it to be all that impressive from the get go.  After all, I've played a lot of first time projects over the years.  So much so, that I've pretty much got a mental checklist for such games.  And sad to say, your game hits every item on the list, but like I said.  Your game is pretty typical for first time projects.  So, if I was going to give this game a score it would probably be 2 out of 5.

"The game says in development, so all the problems you have I could try to fix."

True enough, but I don't think you have enough time at the moment to address all of my problems. 

"Thank you for taking the time to play my first game. "

Your welcome.

"I have watched both of your videos and am currently fixing all the problems you have encountered."

And thank you for taking the time to watch my Let's Play.